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Terms & Conditions

We help sell your websites, blogs, and/or domain names.  

The listing cost is $25.00 for an indefinite period of time - or until your item is sold.  

You agree that if your listing is no longer available for sale, you will let us know immediately so that we may remove your website, blog, or domain name listing. 

Since we will be linking directly to your website, blog, or domain, you, also, agree that your website will not display any illegal or illicit content.  If we are made aware that there is illegal or illicit content showing, we will remove your website, blog and/or domain listing from immediately without any refunds.

We agree to advertise your website and/or domain name on and to show buyers your contact information. 

The seller and buyer are responsible for completing each transaction as we are only an advertising venue in which sellers can advertise websites, blogs, and/or domain names for sale.  The ONLY exception to this is if the website, blog, and/or domain names are listed exclusively as a "Buy or Sell a Website" website, blog, or domain name, in which case you are buying the website, blog, or domain name directly from

If purchasing a " Exclusive" website or blog, you will receive your website or blog control panel/ftp login information within 24 hours of purchase.  It will be your responsibility to transfer the site to a new website host, if you so choose.  Should you keep the website hosting where it is, you will be responsible for the annual website hosting expenses (currently at $95.40 per year), when the current hosting expires.

If purchasing a " Exclusive" domain name, you are guaranteed to receive your domain within 15 business days.  To get your domain name quicker, you will need to have an account set up with the domain registrar on file.  It is possible to have the domain transfer much sooner and is not uncommon to have the domain transferred completely within 1 hours.  This all depends on how quickly you can have an account set up with the specified registrar and how quickly the registrar pushes the transfer through. is NOT involved in any of the transactions unless the buyer is specifically purchasing an "Exclusive" website, blog, or domain name directly from Buy or Sell a Website and it is specifically listed as as the owner.

If you are interested in buying or selling a website, blog, or domain name please contact us today!

If you do not agree to all of the terms, in full, you must not use this website.  No exceptions.  

*Terms and conditions may change without notice for the safety of our Buy or Sell a Website Community.